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is now available!

We're happy to announce that we've updated Resonance today with a brand new set of functionality which we know you'll love.

We've updated the library UI, enhanced the search experience and adding music recommendations for artists and albums in the library.

Here are the highlights from the new release:

Immersive Search

A few of the users mentioned that the search results were very limited (a list of songs) and we agree - we implemented basic search functionality on launch with the idea of enhancing it at a later time.

We've now updated Search to be an immersive experience built for music discovery. Your search text is now searched across playlists, artists, albums and songs in the Apple Music Library to deliver a variety of search results. We also, pull in related music content such as Resonance Recommended Songs for an artist and their complete discography to allow users to explore and discover beyond the search results.

For example, searching for events such as "Mother's Day" displays a rich set of Mother's Day playlists.

Playlist Search Results for "Mother's Day":

Searching for a genre such as "Rock n Roll" shows Rock N' Roll playlists that one could spend hours listening to.

Playlist Search Results for "Rock n Roll":

Searching for an artist such as "The Weeknd" displays great results across the board: playlist results such as essentials playlists, inspirations and influencer playlists, song results featuring their top songs, artist results featuring the complete discography and album results showing their top albums.

Search Results for "The Weeknd":
Details for Artist Search Result for "The Weeknd":

We believe users will love the new immersive search experience!

Improved Library

In an earlier update we discussed how we had decluttered the Music Feed UI for usability and intuition, essentially moving from a design philosophy of "Tap For More" to "Scroll For More". We've now updated the Music Library with a brand new UI using scroll views and is now consistent with the Friends' Music Feed.

While the Music Library UI update is significant, the highlight of the update is the integration of Apple Music in the library. We search the Library Artists and Albums on Apple Music and update the library to enable an improved library experience.

Artists in the library now display the Resonance Recommended Songs for the artist and the complete discography of the Artist.

Library Artists in previous revision:
Updated Library Artists:

Albums in the library now display the album description which gives a unique insight about the album. The albums in the library also display the songs from the album that are not in the library to make the complete album available to the user.

Library Albums in previous revision:
Updated Library Albums:

Playlists in the library are benefitting from the enhanced search capabilities and you can now add songs to playlists by searching on Apple Music instead of being limited to songs in the library (requires Apple Music Subscription)

Library Playlists in previous revision:
Updated Library Playlists:
Search on Apple Music in Create /Edit Playlists:

And to round up our usability and intuition work, we've implemented Double Tap functionality to quickly play a library item.

We encourage you to download Resonance and try it out!

We'd be happy to listen to what's working and what isn't so that we can improve. (

Let's Resonate!